Resistive Horse Taming   

  Shoot down the pink bat
  Miss the bat, or fall off the dinosaur
  The bat will only make one trip across the room and back again

The contestant has to ride the 'Gettasaurus', a dinosaur version of a Bucking Bronco, as a pink bat flies across the room along a wire in the air. They have to shoot this bat with a water pistol while riding the dinosaur.
If the contestant manages to wet the bat enough it'll drop to the floor and they've won the game. However, if they miss and don't wet it enough, it'll fly back into the hole it came from and the game will be over

Played   3  times;  in episodes:
29, 32, 40

 BGM:  "OK Corral" by Franck Pourcel

In episodes 32 and 40, if the contestants fail the game they get sprayed by Rock-kun - a creepy steam-spitting living rock...


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