Floating Gourd Island   

  Be on the raft when the whistle blows
  Be in the sea when the time is up
  The raft is too small for everyone to fit on

From their starting point on the beach, the contestants must all run into the water and swim out to a small platform floating in the sea. Once they reach this raft they must climb on.
Waiting on the raft are Katsuo and Makot, who will try to stop the contestants from climbing aboard. There's also a giant statue on top taking up a lot of room. The contestants can throw off whatever they need to make more space for themselves - including the guards!

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "The Longest Day" Theme

This game is inspired by a children's puppet show from the 1960s called "Hyokkori Hyoutanjima" - which is the Japanese name of this game, which translates to "Floating Gourd Island".


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