Corn Plop!   

  Land on the finish platform
  Drop into the water
  Centrifugal force

Much the same as Mushroom Trip, except the contestants hold onto a giant corn cob!
The contestants start on top of a platform at the edge of a pool of water, where they have to grab onto a giant corn cob. When they're holding on, the cob starts to fly across the water - constantly spinning around as it goes.
At the opposite end of the pool is a small platform floating on the water. Once they reach this platform the contestants have to let go and land on it. If they manage to land on the mat, and stay on it, they win the game.
There is a small hole in the side of the cob to help the contestants hold on with one of their hands. The female contestants also have a rope to help them grip.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "Brawl! Melee! Masive Panic!" - Ranma 1/2


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