All-Star Big Sports Day   

  Be one of the first two to cross the finish line
  Finish in third place or slower
  Unhelpful rickshaw passengers

Six players race against each other through an obstacle course.
When the starting pistol is fired; the contestants first dash to a mini hurdle and crawl under it, and then make their way under a net. Next they must run to a tub of flour, from which they must each pick out a small rice cake with their mouths.
Once they have a cake they can grab one of the envelopes that are hanging in the air, and open it. Inside is a number from one to six. This tells the contestant which of six rickshaws they'll have to pull along to the finish line.
There are passengers waiting in the rickshaws. If the contestants are lucky the passenger may only be a cuddly toy; but if they're unlucky they'll pick one with Animal, Kibaji or Strong sitting inside.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  "Difficult Winding Road" - Baribari Legend Part II

This game is based on a sports day, created especially for an episode in which all contestants are currently in middle school.
There's a handicap for the older kids. The higher the school year the student is in, the further back they start from.


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