Fly Away Condor   

  Drop the rabbit in the nest
  Miss the rabbit or drop it on the ground
  It's quite easy to flip upside down

Dressed as a bird, the contestant is pulled along a wire in the air towards a platform opposite to the one they started on.
Halfway through their journey is a big rabbit sitting below. The contestant has to try and pick it up with their feet, and hold onto it until they reach a nest just in front of the finish platform - which they must drop the rabbit in to.

Played   4  times;  in episodes:
32, 34, 40, 57

40 & 57 Bird Shooting
Popcorn fire balls from a cannon to try and knock the rabbit out of the contestants' feet. The nest that contestants have to drop the rabbit into is a bit bigger. If a contestant fails they'll get a faceful of steam upon reaching the end of their flight.

 BGM:  "Flying Alive" - Scramble Formation, "Chekov's Run" - Star Trek IV


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