Parent-Child Zigzag   

  Be one of the first two teams to cross the finish line
  Finish in third place or slower
  Distracting jets of steam

Five parents at a time, dressed as giant Darumas, each stand on a remote controlled platform and are driven by their children. The kids have to steer their parents around a track to the finish line.
The track has lots of corners to make it more difficult to manoeuvre the platforms around it. If a contestant gets stuck, or falls off their platform, they're helped back into place and on track.

Played   2  times;  in episodes:
104, 113

 BGM:  "Honky-Tonk Piano" - Dominion

For its first appearance the game was played inside. The second time it was played outdoors, and each Daruma was a different colour - as opposed to all red as before.
The idea for this game came from the title of a 1987 TBS drama - "Parent and Child Zigzag"


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