Join These Pictures Right   

  Be part of a completed jigsaw before the time is up
  Fail to fit your piece with others in time
  Some pieces are odd and don't fit any others

Mixed up on the ground are lots of pieces from giant jigsaw puzzles of animals. On the whistle, the contestants all run over and grab a piece for themselves. Now they must find the other contestants who have a piece that slots correctly into theirs.
Each puzzle is made up of four pieces of jigsaw. If the contestants manage to find the three other people who have a piece of their picture they can complete their jigsaw. If they're right, the group sit down with their pieces strapped to their heads, so from above you can see the completed picture of their animal.

Played   1  time;  in episode:

 BGM:  None

This was the first game (other than the Show Down) to be played in front of the castle.


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