Rotating Beach Boys and Girls
Played: 42 times
First appeared: Ep 67 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 133

From the starting platform; the contestant steps onto a surfboard that circles around, above a lake, in the air. They must balance on the surfboard until they reach a big pink fish.

The contestant has to jump over the fish and land back on the moving surfboard. Next, they ride it a bit further until they come to a platform. They must step up onto the platform where a guard (usually Youshichi dressed as Pocahontas) is waiting.

The contestant has to quickly get to the other side of the platform and, as soon as the surfboard comes out form underneath, step back onto it. If they don't get back on the board the guard will throw the contestant off, into the water, and out of the game.

Once back on the surfboard the contestant has to jump over a second fish, land back on the board again, and then finally leap off onto the finishing platform.

If the contestant makes it onto the finish platform they have won the game; but if they fall into the water at anytime they lose.

In the couples' version the man completes the first half of the game while the woman waits on the guard's platform. The man has to reach the platform and tag his partner so she can jump onto the board and finish the game.