Gently Drop
Played: 5 times
First appeared: Ep 42 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 113

'Whack the Stack' is only played in family special episodes. The child sits on top of a stack of three big disks, while the parent stands at the side with a giant mallet.

The parent has to first whack the middle disk so that it flies out from the stack. The child needs to jump up as their parent hits the disk - letting it move out without taking the one above with it. If they manage to do this successfully, the top disk will drop down onto the bottom disk and the child will end up back on top.

Next, the parent has to knock out the bottom disk. Again the child needs to jump at the right time to allow this to happen. If they get it right again there will just be one disk left, with their child sitting on top, and the pair will have won the game.

If the tower falls over, or the child falls off at any time, the game is over and the pair has lost.