Calligraphy Bang
Played: 2 times
First appeared: Ep 95 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 105

At the beginning of the game the General spins a wheel, which has ten (eight, the second time the game was played) different kanji characters on it. The contestant fires a crossbow at the wheel as it is spinning. The character that the arrow hits is the one they'll have to draw.

Now, the contestant has to pick up a giant brush that has been dipped in paint. On the whistle, the contestant has to run up a slippery slope to reach a white square - in which they have to draw their character. They only have 30 seconds to do this in.

If they slip back down, the contestant can keep running back up until they have finished drawing or the time has run out.

If the contestant manages to complete the character within the 30 seconds they win, and move onto the next game. If they don't manage to draw it in time the contestant loses and Strong and Kibaji, who are standing at the top of the slope, will wash the drawing, and the contestant, away.

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