Grand Final
Played: 1 time
First appeared: Ep 131 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 131

The 'Ultimate Showdown' is the last game in the obstacle course special episode.

When the General blows his whistle, the contestant first has to run through a long pit of thick mud - pushing through hanging mats as they go. Next it's over to 'Skipping Stones', where they have to cross the lake as usual stepping from one stone to another, trying to avoid the sinking ones. If the contestant falls off they're allowed to swim to the end.

Next they have to use a rope to swing over 'Dragon Lake', landing on a platform in the middle. If they miss the platform they can again just swim to the edge and carry on.

After this, they have to push a big ball up the 'Uphill Garden' hill and then run over to 'Bridge Ball'. As normal, the contestant has to cross the wobbly bridge while Kibaji and Jo shoot balls at them - this time from two cannons. There is no golden ball to carry. If the contestant falls off at any time they must go back to the start of the bridge and try again. This is the only obstacle that has to be completed properly.

After crossing the bridge it's a dash over to the bottom of the 'Rice Bowl' hill. Here the contestant has to strap a big wind-catcher on their back and climb up the hill while a giant fan is blowing towards them. Once at the top of the hill the contestant has to take off the wind-catcher, run all the way back down and then over to the finish line in front of the castle.

The fastest man and fastest woman to complete the course each win a million yen.