Pulling Hell
Played: 3 times
First appeared: Ep 41 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 89

In the first version of 'Tug of War', contestants play as a team.
There are four ropes leading underneath a barrier. The team has to choose one of them without being able to see who is on the other end. Once they've picked a rope the wall is lifted and their opponents are revealed.

When the General blows his whistle the tug of war begins. The team that can pull their opponents over the centre line first wins the game.

In the second version of the game contestants play one at a time. There are five ropes to choose from, each leading through a set of doors.

When a contestant picks a rope the whistle is blown and the war begins, without them knowing who, or what, they're tugging against.

The contestant has to try and pull their opponent over a line on the opposite side of the wall. If they succeed in doing this, the whistle is blown again, and they have won the battle. However, if the contestant is pulled over the line on their side of the wall they lose the fight.

Once the war is over the door is opened so the contestant can see what they were tugging against.

Ep# Opponents
41 Youshichi Shimada Four
Sumo Guards
20 Boys 800 People
88 Rie Hatada Elephant Nishimura-kun Shin Suganuma
Four Black-Handed Black-Hearted Guards
Yoroi Chuu Cow Piglet Bulldozer
89 Rie Hatada Michiru Jo
Four Black-Handed Black-Hearted Guards
Cow Bulldozer