Tokyo Qualifier
Played: 1 time
First appeared: Ep 131 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 131

Two contestants at a time race each other through this obstacle course.

Dressed in fat sumo costumes, the contestants have to first jump over five mini-hurdles and then walk along a balance beam. Once over the beam they need to take the costume off and climb over a wall, using a ladder to get down the other side.

Next there are two giant plastic satchels on the ground. The contestants each need to pick one up, put it on their back, and walk over to a tray on the floor.

On the tray are three marshmallows. The contestants have to pick up all three marshmallows using only their mouths. When they've got them all in their mouth it's a run to the finish line.

The first contestant to reach the finish line wins. The losing contestant is out of the game.