Star Wars
Played: 3 times
First appeared: Ep 106 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 109

Starting at the top of a hill, the contestant sits in a cable car with a laser gun. Positioned down the hill are several Guard-manned stations. All the stations have a sensor on.

As the cable car moves down the hill the contestant has to try and shoot a sensor on one of the stations. If the contestant manages to hit one of the Guard's sensors, all the stations will go up in smoke, they win the game and move onto the 'Show Down'.

However, the Guards fight back. In the first version there are four active stations, and the Guards on these shoot balls from cannons. On the contestant's cable car are two targets - one on each side. If a Guard hits one of these targets with a ball, the car goes up in smoke and the contestant loses the game.

In the second version there are five active stations. The guards on these also have a laser gun each. On the contestant's cable car is a sensor. If a Guard hits the sensor the car will go up in smoke, the contestant loses and is out of the game.

The contestants don't need to hit a Guard's sensor to win. If they manage to make it all the way down the hill, without having the target/sensor on their cable car hit, the contestant automatically wins and moves onto the 'Show Down'.