Card Study
Played: 17 times
First appeared: Ep 31 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 130

In the first version of 'Show of Hands' ten contestants play the game at the same time. All the contestants are dressed as hands.

Spread out around the playing area are lots of giant cards, each with a different Hiragana character on. The teacher reads out a statement and the contestants have to run and find the correct answer.

Once they've found the card with the right answer on they have to fall face-first on top of it. The first person to fall onto the correct mat wins. There are several questions for each group, so the contestants have more than one chance to win.

After a few episodes the characters on the cards were replaced with numbers. Now mathematical questions are read out and the contestants have to find the correct answer to the sum.

In the second version of the game only five contestants play at once. The other five people are now Emerald Guards, dressed as blue hands.

As before, a mathematical question is asked and all the players have to try and be the first to fall onto the correct answer. However, if a Guard gets to the answer first they win and this is one less chance for a contestant to clear the game.

In a one-off version, instead of questions being asked, short clips of music are played. The contestants have to identify the song and jump onto the card that shows its correct title.

In a special version the game was played in the mud flats of the Ariake Sea. This time, instead of full costumes, the contestants just have a giant foam hand over one of their hands. Ten contestants play at once, and all have to crawl through the mud to reach the right answer. To first person to put their giant hand on the correct mat wins.