Target Practice Game
Played: 1 time
First appeared: Ep 133 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 133

'Shoot 'N' Loot' was played at the end of the final episode, instead of the 'Show Down'. It was a chance for the last remaining contestants to win prizes, including: a satellite dish, a Game Boy, a suitcase, a CD Walkman, a bike, a camcorder, a trip to Hawaii, and a pair of sandals.

To try and win, the contestant has to shoot small balls from a machine at the prizes moving along on conveyer belts. The booby prizes are stuck to boards and move along at the back, making them the easiest to hit. The other prizes are written on smaller boxes; the middle prizes in blue, and the better prizes in red.

There is also a million yen on offer. This is written in gold on a small box, and moves along at the back faster than any of the other prizes, making it a lot harder to hit.

The contestant wins all of the prizes that they manage to knock off of the conveyer belt.