Stab and Be Stabbed
Played: 3 times
First appeared: Ep 42 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 56

'Roll Out the Barrel' is a life-size game of Pop Up Pirate. The contestant sits on a disk on top of a massive barrel, in front of a slide.

In the side of the barrel are slots, numbered one to six. The contestant has choose three numbers, one at a time, by standing a numbered card (1 6) of their choice in front of them. Once they've chosen a number, Jo will push one of the giant swords into the corresponding slot.

Four of the slots are safe, but two of them will end the game. If the contestants have chosen one of the two losing slots, pushing the sword in will cause the top of the barrel to pop-up and the contestant will be tipped down the slide and into the lake at the bottom. If they end up in the water the contestant has lost the game.

If the slot they choose is safe, the contestant chooses a second number. Again, if this is wrong they'll slide into the water and lose; but if this is safe too they have to choose one final number. If the third number the contestants choose is also safe they have won the game.

In the family special version, the parents sit on top of the barrel while the children choose the slots and push the swords in.

The first time the game was played the contestants had to choose four numbers, so had to find all the safe slots to win.