Granddad in an Earthquake
Played: 26 times
First appeared: Ep 28 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 126

Five contestants at a time, dressed as old people, enter a room and have to sit on a pile of cushions each. When they're all sitting, the room begins to shake.

The contestants have to try and stay balanced on their cushions until the 'earthquake' ends. If they fall off at anytime, they lose.

Any contestant who has stayed balanced on top of their cushion pile when the game ends has won.

In the couples' special version, the women have to kneel on top of the mens' backs. If they can stay balanced on their partner, until the room stops shaking, they win the game.

In the family version the children have to balance on top of their parents, who are dressed as turtles, for the duration of the earthquake.