Called "Slip Way" on Challenge episodes.

Cute Child Sent on a Journey
Played: 4 times
First appeared: Ep 78 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 113

'Pushy Parents' is a family special game. The child lays on an aeroplane bodyboard at the end of a long platform. The parent has to push the board along the runway to try and get it to stop in the goal area at the end.

If the parent pushes too hard they'll slide their child straight off the end of the runway, into the water below, and lose the game. If they don't push hard enough they won't reach the goal, will come up short, and the child will get pushed off into the water by Okada the Evil Crow also losing the game.

If the parent judges the force just right, their child will end up positioned over the goal area and they win the game.