Midoriyama Grand Prix
Played: 2 times
First appeared: Ep 58 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 63

In 'On Yer Bike', five contestants race each other around a track on children's tricycles.

When the starting flag is waved, the contestants have to cycle along to, and up, a seesaw. When there's enough weight on the other side it will tip down allowing the contestants to carry on along the track. Anyone who hasn't got onto the see-saw will have to wait for it to tip back down the other way to be able to progress.

After turning a corner, the track goes uphill and gets very narrow. As contestants pass over the top of the hill, steam blows up from under the track. This fogs the contestants' view, and shocks some, so they need to be careful to keep balance.
The track ramps back downhill into a corner. At this corner is a pond. If the contestants come down the ramp too fast they'll end up rolling off of the track and into the water.

Finally, the contestants cycle around the rest of the turning track to reach a second seesaw. Again, this will tip up when enough weight is on the raised end, allowing the contestants to reach the finish line.

The contestant that reaches the finish line first is the winner.