Called "The Run Way" on Challenge episodes.

Human Curling
Played: 1 time
First appeared: Ep 120 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 120

Starting at the beginning of an icy runway, the contestant has to run up and jump on a giant curling rock to slide along on it. They have to make it to, and stop in, the goal at the end of the runway to win the game.

Along the way the path gets narrower, wider, and then narrower again; so the contestant has to slide as straight as they can to avoid falling off the edge. Also, as the rock moves along, Katsuo and Makoto sweep the ice in front of it trying to put the contestant off.

If the contestant falls off of the runway at any time they lose the game. If they don't push off hard enough they won't reach the goal and will also lose. If they push too hard they'll slide over the goal and fall off the end, again losing the game.