Mushroom Bang!
Played: 22 times
First appeared: Ep 7 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 106

The contestant starts on a high platform, at the edge of a lake, and has to grab onto the stalk of a giant mushroom. Once they're gripped on, the mushroom starts flying over the lake - constantly spinning around as it goes.

The contestant needs to hold on until they reach a platform on the other side of the water. Here they have to let go and drop onto this finish platform. If they manage to land safely, and stay on the platform, they win the game. If they slip off and fall into the water, at any time, they've lost.

The first finishing platform was really big, and raised off the ground. This was then changed to a much smaller mat that floats on the water, making it harder to land safely.

To help grip on, there is one small handhold hole in the stalk. Women also get a rope to wrap around the stalk for extra grip.