Midoriyama Battle: Part 1
Played: 1 time
First appeared: Ep 131 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 131

All the contestants begin at the start line in front of the castle. When the General fires the starting pistol the race begins.

The contestants first have to dash out of the 'car park' and down onto the road outside. Here the first obstacle is to jump over five small hurdles. Next is a long net on the ground that needs to be crawled under.

After the net, lots of tyres are laid out along the road. The contestants have to pick their way through these to reach three sets of mats, which are spaced out along the next section of road. On each of these mats the contestants have to do a forward roll. After these it's a long run around the connecting roads.

The roads loop back on their self, so the contestants end up back at the three mats again. Just as before, they have to do a forward roll on each. Then it's back through the tires, and then another crawl under the net.

Finally they need to run up a set of steps to reach the finishing line at the top. The contestants who finish the course in fastest time move onto the next round.