Boundary Perfection
Played: 11 times
First appeared: Ep 76 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 130

Laid out on the ground are lots of big polystyrene shapes, and lots of mats with matching shapes cut out of them. When the game begins, all the contestants have to run out from behind a set of doors and grab a shape.

Once they've got a shape, the contestants have to go over to the mats and try to find the one that their shape fits into. If they can find the matching mat, they slot their shape into the hole and sit on it to signify that they've finished.

Everyone who is sitting on their shape, correctly slotted into the right mat, when the final whistle blows goes through to the next round. Anyone who hasn't managed to get their shape into a mat loses and is out of the game.

Some shapes don't have a matching mat at all, so if a contestant is unfortunate enough to pick one of these they've got no chance of moving on.

In a special episode Match Maker was played on the beach. All the mats were laid out on the sand, while the shapes were placed on a floating children's playground in the sea. On the starting whistle, all the contestants have to swim out to the playground and get a shape each. They then have to swim back to shore with their shape to try and find the matching mat.