Street Corner TV
Played: 24 times
First appeared: Ep 21 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 124

The contestant has to go into a karaoke bar and step up onto the stage. A song starts to play and they have to sing along.

If the contestant entertains the customers and, more importantly, the bar's boss, they win the game and are taken through to the back room by the Bunny/Geisha Girls. But if the boss is unhappy, and doesn't enjoy the performance, he will get his bouncer to throw the contestant out and they'll have lost the game.

The contestants don't know what song they'll get before it starts to play, so they might not know the words. If this happens they can try to make up their own lyrics, or just dance along. However, in this case, they'll have to be very good to amuse the boss.

In later episodes the boss is replaced by a steaming statue. If a contestant isn't good enough the statue will blow its top and the Black-Handed, Black-Hearted bouncers will storm onto the stage and blacken the contestant's face.