The Longest Yard
Played: 15 times
First appeared: Ep 69 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 107

The contestant has to run down a small American football pitch to reach the End Zone, while carrying a ball. Several Guards, dressed in big foam uniforms, will try to stop them on the way. The contestants can't step over the pitch's edge or they'll be out automatically.

The game starts in a couple of different ways. In the first regular version the General throws the ball to the contestant. They have to catch it and then start running. In the second version the ball is placed in the middle of the pitch. When the whistle blows, the contestant and a Guard run to grab it. The contestant has to get there first or else they'll have to try and get the ball off of the Guards, which is dangerous as they could get caught.

To win, the contestant has to get into the End Zone with the ball. If they get there without the ball they haven't won.

If the Guards catch the contestant it's the end of the game, and the player loses. The Guards are slightly hampered by the costumes they're wearing, which makes it a bit easier for the contestant to avoid them.

The men face seven (originally eight) Guards, while the women face five.
On one occasion the contestants had to pick a card, numbered from one to eight, at random. The number they picked was the number of Guards they had to avoid.

The second time and third the game was played, five contestants took part at once. They all had to run and pick up a ball each from the middle of the pitch, and then try to get past 10 guards. The contestants that managed to get to the End Zone, with a ball of their own, won the game.

In the family special version the parent and child both run at the same time. They have to keep passing the ball between each other as they go, still while avoiding the Guards.