Adventure Zone
Played: 17 times
First appeared: Ep 106 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 133

'The Gauntlet' is a real life video game. The contestants need to beat a pink mushroom, which is travelling on a track above the course, to the goal to win. If they fall off at any time it's game over.

When the game begins the mushroom timer will start moving. The contestant first has to run past three Ghoulies (Guards there to put them off) to reach a conveyer belt. The belt is moving backwards so the contestant has to move quickly to get along it. While they're crossing, a boulder will be rolled down from above to try and knock them off.

Next the contestant has to jump over a rotating centipede turnstile and then bounce off a trampoline, up into a pit of foam pieces. Now they must cross a narrow beam while avoiding being knocked off by a wrecking ball that is swung at them. Then, to cross a gap in the course, they have to step onto a spinning plank and leap off the opposite side to carry on.

Penultimately, the contestant has to cross a much longer beam - this time while avoiding three wrecking balls. Finally they need to use a rope to swing across a stretch of water to reach the goal.

If the pink mushroom reaches the goal before the contestant, Strong, Animal or Kibaji will come out of their cage and chuck the player in the water and out of the game.

In a one-off modified version of the course the conveyer belt was removed, the trampoline was replaced by two 'High Rollers', and the spinning plank was replaced with a row of 16 monkey bars.