Heaven and Hell
Played: 24 times
First appeared: Ep 1 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 130

There are several different versions of 'Dragon Lake'.
In any version, the aim is to use a rope to swing from one platform to another. If the contestant manages to land on the second platform they win the game. If they miss, or fall off the rope, they lose.

Version one was played in the first episode. The contestant has to swing from one platform to another straight in front of them, over a container of shredded paper. On the other side of the landing platform was a slope. If the contestant slides down here, without landing on the flat part of the platform first, they lose.

The game then moved to a wet, muddy pit. The landing platform this time is a small 'tree trunk'. If the contestant manages to land on this trunk they win, then cross a bridge to the next game.

The third version actually includes a Dragon and a Lake! The contestant starts off on the Dragon platform and has to swing and land on a small round platform in the middle of a lake.

After this the game changed slightly. In 'New Dragon Lake', instead of swinging to a platform straight ahead, the contestant has to swing in a semi-circle to reach the small landing platform to the right of where they start. They get a run-up before swinging off to give them more chance to swing far enough around.

A special giant version was played in the sea. Starting from very high up, the contestant has to use a rope to swing over to a small floating platform and drop down onto it. If they manage to hold on they win the game.