Strait of Gibraltar
Played: 70 times
First appeared: Ep 5 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 133

The contestant has to cross a thin wobbly bridge to the other side. While they're on the bridge, Guards will fire balls at them, from a cannon, to try and knock them off.

Originally the were two cannons used to shoot at the contestants. In a variation of the game several rocks are attached to the bridge to make crossing even harder. This means that the contestant can't just run straight across - they have to stop and climb around the rocks.

Later the rocks were removed and now Guards only fire balls from one cannon. However, now the contestant has to carry their own golden ball.

At the beginning of the bridge the contestant has to catch a golden ball, which is shot to them by the General. While crossing the bridge the contestant must hold onto the ball at all times; as if it drops, and they lose it, they can't continue.

If the contestant does drop the ball they have to make it all the way back to the General so he can fire them another one. Anyone who makes it across the bridge, with the golden ball in hand, wins.