For the family version see 'Berryz Go-Go'.

Daruma Fell Down
Played: 13 times
First appeared: Ep 25 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 109

Contestants have to make their way up a ramp, but are only allowed to move when the guard at the top (usually Yousichi/'Dennis') isn't looking. This is made hard by the giant Daruma costumes they are wearing.

When the guard is facing the other way he chants "Daruma-san ga koronda" (meaning "The Daruma fell down"). This lets the contestants know how much time they have to move and when they should stop. As soon as the guard finishes the chant he turns around. Anyone he catches moving will be pushed down the hill and are out of the game.

Any contestants that manage to get all the way to the goal at the top of the hill, without being spotted moving, wins.

Once the game was played downhill, so there was the risk of toppling forwards as you came down to the goal.

In the couples' version of the game the pairs are attached to each other by a rope tied around their ankles. This means that both contestants in the pair must make it up the hill without being seen moving; and also means that if one of them falls they'll take the other tumbling down with them.