Called "Blueberry Hill" on Challenge episodes.

Family Zigzag
Played: 2 times
First appeared: Ep 104 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 113

This game is only played in family specials. Five parents at a time, dressed as giant Darumas, each stand on a remote controled platform and are driven by their children. The kids have to steer their parents around a track to the finish line.

The track has lots of corners to make it more difficult to manoeuvre the platforms around it. There's also a steam spray that goes off when someone is near it, in an attempt try and make the parents lose balance.

As the parents are dressed as Darumas, it's hard for them to balance on the moving platforms. If at anytime they fall off they are helped back up onto the platform (the child can't move it while their parent isn't on top), restarting where they fell.

The game is played as a race, with fastest contestants to get across the finish line winning the game.