Join These Pictures Right
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First appeared: Ep 48 ¦ Last appeared: Ep 48

Mixed up on the ground are lots of pieces from giant jigsaw puzzles of animals. On the whistle, the contestants all have to run over and grab a piece for themselves. As soon as they have a bit, they must find the other contestants who have a piece that slots correctly into theirs.

Each puzzle is made up of four pieces of jigsaw. If the contestants manage to find the three other people who will put together their picture, they have to complete their jigsaw. If they're right, the group sit down with their pieces strapped to their heads, so from above you can see the completed picture of their animal.

Whoever is in a group with a completed puzzle when the final whistle blows wins, and goes through to the next game. Any contestants who haven't completed their puzzle are out. There are some jigsaw pieces that won't fit with any others, so whoever picks these are guaranteed to lose.