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So, did anyone ever win!? We've compiled a collection of questions that we are frequently asked, and have answered them all below.
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Q: Were there ever any winners?
A: In total, there were seven winners in the Show Down. These contestants each won 1 million Yen for beating Takeshi. In one episode, Tani managed to shoot Takeshi's sensor; and another episode was classed as a draw when Takeshi's cart drove off the tarmac and got stuck in the grass.

Q: Where was Takeshi's Castle filmed?
A: Takeshi's Castle was filmed at TBS's Midoriyama Studios in Yokohama.
Take a look at this map
to see the locations of regular games.
The site is now used for Ninja Warrior

Q: Can I buy any Takeshi's Castle DVDs?
A: There are two official DVDs sets, containing episodes and clips from the original Japanese series.
You can buy them online at Amazon: DVD Set 1, DVD Set 2.

Q: How can I be a contestant on Takeshi's Castle?
A: Unfortunately, as the show ended in 1990, there's no way to take part now.

Q: When does the next new series begin?
A: Takeshi's Castle was filmed between 1986 and 1990, so there are no more episodes to air. In the UK, Challenge produced their original edited series' between 2002 and 2003.