Takeshi's Gundan
First appeared: Ep 1    ¦    Last appeared: Ep 133
These troops are Takeshi's personal group of guards. They first protect the forts in 'Slipped Disks' and 'Uphill Garden', and then battle the contestants in the final 'Show Down'.

The first leader of the troop was Higashi, who later left to become Takeshi's advisor. Utaemon Omori then took over as leader in episode 44.
The other members of the group include Matsuo Bannai, Edamame Tsumami, Yurei Yanagi, Rakkyo Ide, Great Gidayu, Duncan, Third Nagashima, Rusher Itamae, Gadarukanaru Taka, Hakase Suidobashi, Sintarou Mizushima and Tadajij Kikuchi.